The Bad Effects of Acne

Many people tend to write off acne as a skin problem that is not really a big deal. For these people, acne is not a cause for concern.

This is usually because when they experienced acne during puberty, it really was not that bad. After a few months of having more than a few pimples on their faces, the acne just went away naturally.

However, what many of these people fail to realize is the fact that for other people, acne can really be a very big deal. It can affect the lives of many people in such a negative way that it can even scar them for the rest of their lives.

Here are some of the bad effects of acne that everybody should know.

  • depressionDepression – many people really get depressed if they get acne. This is because acne is often associated with ugliness or unloveliness. For people who are very dependent or conscious of their looks, having acne will make them feel unwanted or very low. This leads to various levels of depression. Some people even get so depressed that they no longer want to leave the house or meet with other people unless they make sure that their acne is gone. Because acne can lead to depression, parents should watch out if their children have very low self esteem and a weak disposition. This is because they might end up getting super depressed if the day comes that they end up having to deal with acne.
  • Scarred skin – many people think that acne will just fade away and disappear. While this may be true for some, it is not actually true for many. There are many people who end up with scarred, pock marked skin after getting acne. This usually happens in people with oily and very dirty skin. This kind of skin results to a lot of infection. The infection results to pus and pus results to scars. Each and every pock or scar in a person’s pock marked face is a sign that an infected pimple once resided there. Scarred skin is permanent and it will drastically affect a person’s looks.
  • Loss of confidence – for people who usually were confident before getting pimples, acne can definitely wreak havoc on their ego and self confidence. This is because people will no longer notice a person’s intelligence, personality or other very good qualities once they see that a person has acne. The only thing that these people will see will be the acne that is visible in a person’s face. This will seriously affect the confidence of an acne riddled person to the point that they might end up skirting the edges of depression.

Because of these potentially bad effects of acne, it is highly recommended that people take acne very seriously.

By taking it very seriously, one will be able to make the necessary preparations to ensure that acne will not negatively affect them as much as it negatively affected others. This is really very good advise.

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