Serious Acne Effects

Acne is a skin condition that everybody ought to take seriously. This is because it has a lot of negative effects especially if the skin condition is not managed properly.

Many people who have experienced somewhat mild acne at one point in their lives tend to not believe that acne is a serious matter and that other acne sufferers are just over reacting to a typically minor skin condition.

What they fail to realize is that just because they experienced mild acne does not meant that others will only experience mild acne as well. There are many people who suffer from very bad cases of acne that often complain that nobody sympathizes with them.

For those who do not understand, here are some of the serious effects of acne that makes many acne sufferers hateful of this particular skin condition.

  • acne scarsScars on the skin – acne can result to scars. This is because acne can get infected especially if the skin is oily and dirty. The infection usually happens if the pimple is popped. When the blocked pore is popped, blood can also seep out. When this comes into contact with the oils and dirts in the surface, it can get infected and form a pus. One this happens a scar will occur once the infection heals. For people with severe acne, they can end up with a pock marked face after just a few months and this pock marked face will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Loss of confidence – humans are a very vain breed. People are totally conscious about their looks. This is because their looks are one of the biggest things that define them. If their looks are affected, they will definitely lose confidence in themselves. In fact, even smart, outgoing and very capable people are often affected in terms of their confidence levels once they get acne. This makes them anti social, irritated and overly antagonistic because they feel that everybody is judging them for having acne. For the most part, people will often only regain their confidence if the acne goes away.
  • Depression – sometimes, acne cannot just affect a person’s confidence. Sometimes, acne can also affect their sense of happiness and they would often get depressed. Many people suffer bouts of depression that are closely related to their acne. Because of this, many people end up quitting their job, forgetting about schoolwork and even disregarding relationships. Many people really get depressed by having acne. In fact, even the most confident achievers with Type A personalities would often get so discouraged and depressed with their acne that they no longer want to get out of bed. They feel that acne is a curse that is holding them back in life and the curse will not be lifted unless the acne goes away.

Because of these negative effects, it is highly recommended that everybody treat acne as a very serious matter.

This way, they will be able to manage the condition the proper way and ensure that it will not get as bad as it could.

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